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"There better be video of this…LIKE NOW"
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Tom: hi uncle Jensen!
Jensen: hi buddy! Did you eat all my gummi bears?
Tom: what gummi bears?
Jensen: yeah, they’re all gone now

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"@jarpad: this is where we all come to be accepted, we’re family. #spnfamily"
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    Jensen: Quick sidebar, I want to tell you a story that just happened. When Jared and I just got here, I ran to the bathroom so I wasn't in the greenroom so when Thomas came in and saw it was just Jared he immediate broke down and started crying saying "Where's uncle Jensen?!"


- Jared’s right arm was pout of the sling, but it’s lost most of its muscle mass and is noticeably thinner than his left arm. Jensen made fun of the fact and said for the first time, he (Jensen) is more buff than Jared.
- while filming, they went inside a gymnasium full…